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Earn additional revenue by partnering with Kotapay

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Convenient and smart

Offer your clients the convenience of Kotapay’s credit card processing solutions while your business generates income from their transactions each month.

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Security and customer care

Kotapay partners with BASYS Processing to provide the highest level of security and customer support for all its card processing services. 

We offer a dedicated PCI compliance staff, competitive pricing, and a variety of terminal solutions, including the Clover® Suite of products.

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Becoming a Kotapay merchant services referral partner is simple:

  • Send a customer referral to Kotapay and a warm handoff email to your customer
  • Kotapay's Sales Team will follow up to discuss merchant processing solutions and handle set up
  • You collect monthly residuals for each client processing with Kotapay
  • All customer support will go through BASYS and Kotapay – no need to learn all of the details of credit card processing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a cost to my company?
No. Your only cost is the amount of time you wish to engage with your clients and share merchant services.

Q: Is there any ongoing support my company would provide?
No. Kotapay and BASYS will work one-on-one with your customers. Plus, BASYS support is available 24/7/365.

Q: Is it as easy as sending Kotapay a referral email?
Yes! Kotapay will do all the “selling”, answering your customer’s questions, and finding the right card solution for their business.

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