Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines

What Are the Nacha Operating Rules?

In the past month have you been paid via Direct Deposit? Or paid a bill electronically? For a good number of us, the answer is yes. With the prevalence of the ACH Network, it is necessary to ensure consumers, businesses, credit unions, banks, and government entities all have well-defined roles and responsibilities for every ACH payment.

In 1974, Nacha, the National Automated Clearinghouse Association, created the Nacha Operating Rules to ensure that millions of payments occur smoothly and securely each day. The Rules are an ever-evolving document that strives to be thorough, inclusive, and responsive. They make sure all ACH payments are handled on a level playing field.

How Are the Rules Made?

Since the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines are constantly evolving, the first step to enacting a change comes when an idea is submitted to the Rules and Operations Committee for review. The committee consists of Nacha Direct Members, community banks, credit unions, and liaisons from the ACH Operators, U.S. Treasury, and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors – as well as representatives from companies who use the ACH Network. If the idea is accepted, a proposal is created. The Software Information Exchange and ACH Operator Technical Group makes sure the rule can be implemented and finally, a request for comment is issued. For a more detailed explanation of how the Rules are made, watch Nacha’s “How ACH Rules Are Made” video or visit Nacha's website.

Additional Resources

Copies of the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines can be purchased in the Nacha Online Store.

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