What can Kotapay do for you?

A Drake Software partner for ACH Services

Take advantage of Kotapay's integration with your Drake Software to make processing transactions faster and easier. Whether you have a few clients or hundreds of clients, Kotapay is here to ensure the funds reach their intended destination safely, securely, and cost effectively.

To get started with any of these integrated services, contact Kotapay at (866) 431-9926.

Payroll Direct Deposit:
Safely and easily send electronic payments of your clients' payroll directly to their employees' checking or savings account. This feature also includes payments to non-taxed employees and child support payments.
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Vendor Payments:
Enable your clients to pay their vendor obligations easily and efficiently. Kotapay collects the appropriate funds directly from your clients' bank accounts and then deposits those funds via ACH transfers into the designated vendor accounts.
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Credit Card Processing:
Accept all major credit cards from your clients and your clients' customers.
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To get started with any of these integrated services, contact Kotapay at (866) 431-9926 or contact us online.

Add a Pay-Now Button to your Website

Pay Now keyboard button

We'll do the work for you. Just tell us what you want and we will design and build a Pay Now Option you can plug into your website. Take advantage of our a la carte options to showcase your company's logo and colors or choose the standard template. The amount of customization is up to you.

Contact Kotapay to get started at (866) 431-9926.

Next Day Solutions

Wire Drawdown provides for a good funds model to protect you, the payroll provider, from payroll NSF's. Wire Drawdown is a business to business transaction where a company authorizes Kotapay to withdraw funds from their account via a wire transfer. Kotapay initiates the wire request per payroll instructions from the payroll provider. While traditionally used for next day solutions, wire drawdown aids in minimizing payroll risk.