What is ACH?

ACH is an electronic funds transfer system that facilitates transactions between banks.

ACH stands for the Automated Clearing House. ACH is the backbone for the electronic movement of money and payment-related data. Also known as EFT or Electronic Funds Transfer, ACH provides a safe, secure, electronic network for billions of ACH transactions. According to Nacha - The Electronic Payments Association, more than 30 billion ACH transactions were processed in 2022.

Kotapay provides the experience, knowledge and integration needed to process your transactions. Simplify payroll with direct deposit and automate receivables with payment processing. Kotapay works with any software type or take advantage of our online Payment Portal to set up single or recurring transactions.

While there are many types of ACH transactions, the two most common are:

ACH Direct Deposit utilizes ACH to send payroll, and other employee-related transactions, directly into an employee's account. Direct deposit can save up to $1 per payment versus writing checks. Save time and money.

ACH Direct Debit processing allows you to pay, or collect, payments through the ACH network. Send transactions from a customer's account to the billing company. Simplify and enhance your receivables process.

For ACH payment services, it pays to look beyond your bank. Kotapay focuses on processing electronic transactions, and we offer advanced services and experienced customer support behind every transaction. Choose from software-based or online options.

Integrated: We accept files from nearly every accounting software or use Kotapay's easy online file creation system.
Accurate: Ensure proper ACH file formatting and secure processing with our transaction management platform, KotaConnect.
Convenient: Process transactions outside of business hours - even on Sunday.