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We couldn't be happier with them. They have, (in a rather fast timeframe), given us the skills and tools to be able to compete with the "big boys", while still retaining our family business feel. We are a client for life!
Matt Diehl
They are easy to contact, knowledgeable and their website is simple to use. Any issues, like unreported change in an employee bank account, are handled promptly and confirmations of all activities are sent right to us-the communication is great!
Jim Lawrimore
Lawrimore & Lawrimore CPA, LLC
Knowing that they are handling our ACH transactions gives us one less thing to worry about. We can confidently tell our clients that they will receive their pay when it's due. We access their site at least every hour from morning until night and it's always a pleasure. Whenever we have any need for support they are on the case immediately.
Jacob Witriol
CHS Payroll
As the Technical Director for an accounting firm servicing 80 payroll clients, they have afforded me the freedom from 80 different banks' ACH procedures, cut-off times, file requirements, and so on. The simplicity of our workflow now that we are taking advantage of their ACH services has dramatically reduced our workload allowing us to focus more on what we do best: top quality payroll and accounting services. Thank you!
Ryan Stewart
Clements, Purvis & Stewart PC
They have been Hill Country Payroll's ACH provider for the last 15 years. We have always been extremely impressed with their responsiveness and the attention to detail provided by their staff. Whether it is a question on a specific client or some direction on a process, they have always provided Hill Country Payroll with timely, accurate feedback. The bottom line is we know we can count on the fact that our client's employees will be paid accurately and on time, every time.
Writ Baese
Hill Country Payroll
My experience with them has been extremely positive. The professional nature of their personnel shines through in their thorough attention to details and their fast response times to inquiries and change requests. Their business makes my business look much more professional as it enables us to offer direct deposit and ACH payment options to our clients that would otherwise be inconvenient and expensive. I highly recommend them to anyone needing direct deposit and ACH services in their business!
Dennis Yoder
Yoder Financial Services
We have been a client for 10 years and consider them to be a trusted and strategic partner to our payroll business. We know that if we need a little extra - all we have to do is contact them and if there is a way to do it - they will work with us to get it done. The extended processing hours also really help us on the West Coast and we have always been able to find someone willing to help in those "after hours" emergencies. As long as Payroll Solutions is in business, we will use them as our exclusive ACH Processing partner.
Janet Pluntze
Payroll Solutions
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