Kotapay is moving!

We´re excited to announce that Kotapay will be moving to a new location this spring! While the move is only a short distance from our current location, it will go a long way to accommodate our growing Kotapay staff! Stay tuned for updates!

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Important Information Regarding Client Setups

Please ensure you are using the most updated versions of the Customer Authorization Agreement. Previous versions of the agreements will no longer be accepted after March 29th, 2019. If an outdated or incomplete agreement is submitted, the contract will be pended and batches will not be processed until current and complete paperwork is received.

To view the most up-to-date version, simply log in to our website, under the Documentation tab > Agreements.
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You do not need to re-send any agreements for your existing clients; these changes only affect future contract submissions.

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Add a Pay-Now Button to Your Website

Kotapay will design and build a custom payment portal to allow you to accept payments via your website.

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Do you accept payroll change requests via email? If so, make sure you validate the information with your client.

The first line of defense in stopping fraud is you. Before submitting your client´s payroll file to Kotapay, it´s important to validate the information with your client. If it is sent via email, contact the client to make sure the information is correct. Pay close attention to employees changing their deposit account information and/or 1099 requests. We have seen an increase in fraudulent payroll files being sent that could have been stopped prior to being sent to Kotapay.  Fraud with line throug it.
Discover ways to help prevent fraud.

Access the ACH Rules Online

Keeping ACH transactions safe and secure takes everyone´s due diligence. To learn more about the NACHA processing rules click here. (To obtain access click ‘new user signup´ to create a login and password. Under ‘subscription key/number´ check the box "I would like to access the free version of the Rules")

Set Limits Using Wire Drawdown

Kotapay´s wire drawdown service allows you to apply rules for your clients when a drawdown should occur. This rule can be a specific dollar amount that once exceeded, would automatically trigger a wire drawdown. For example, the rule is that your client can submit a payroll up to $25,000, therefore any payroll batch exceeding $25,000 would automatically trigger a drawdown request for those payroll monies.

In addition to this service working for Payroll Direct Deposit, rules can also be applied for Tax Payments, Vendor Payments and Net Pay Impound. Contact the Support Department to get started using this wire drawdown service.