InterceptEFT would like to extend our best wishes and warmest thoughts for a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for your continued business, we look forward to a successful 2018!

Be mindful that Holiday Bonus transactions may cause a delay in service

As year-end approaches, so do holiday bonuses and high dollar payroll files. As a reminder, InterceptEFT's procedures regarding payroll over $500,000 per payroll or $100,000 to an individual will require additional action on your part. The following options are available:

  • To ensure everyone gets paid on time, Click here.
  • Send a Wire
  • Process the file on a 5-day window (please contact Operations to make arrangements)
  • Learn more

Upcoming Holiday Hours and Non-Processing Days


InterceptEFT will be closed for the Christmas holiday on Sunday, December 24th and Monday, December 25th. InterceptEFT will also be closed on New Year's Day, Monday January 1st.
Because Federal Reserve Banks and InterceptEFT will both be closed, ACH transactions cannot be dated for December 25th or January 1st.
To avoid additional charges/penalties, please allow an extra day for processing.

Setting up new payroll clients: allow 24-48 hours

The busiest time of year for new client set-ups is December and January. Therefore, client set-ups may take a little longer than normal so be sure to allow 24-48 hours before sending any files. Sending in complete paperwork will also help expedite the client set-up process.

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Protect Against Cyber Criminals

The IRS observed National Tax Security Awareness Week by publishing numerous articles to help protect your data and identity. Visit their website to learn how you can protect yourself.

Tis the Season for Fraud

With the holiday season upon us, fraudsters also ramp up their efforts hoping you won't notice until it's too late. It's more important than ever to increase security measures.

Be on alert for payroll fraud! As the processor, it is your responsibility to cover the lost funds so it's important to be diligent and know your customer.

Red Flags:
  • Employee accounts are PAYCARDS
  • Hurried set-up requested by new payroll customer
  • Communication only via email from payroll customer or communication that seems abnormal
  • Customer and its employees are in geographically diverse locations
  • And more...

Be diligent about protecting your business by knowing your customer! To learn more and to find solutions click here.

InterceptEFT's Policy on Marijuana

It is InterceptEFT's policy not to provide services, including payroll processing, to businesses in the illegal narcotics and drug paraphernalia industries. Although some states have made it legal to sell marijuana in certain situations, including medical marijuana, our policy has not changed.

InterceptEFT will not process payments for any business that distributes marijuana, even medical marijuana or marijuana that is legal under state law. If you have any questions, please contact the InterceptEFT Risk Department.

Let customers make payments on your website

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Let InterceptEFT help you integrate a Pay Now Payment Portal into your website and give customers another payment option. Choose a ready-to-use template or customize with your logo and colors.

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