Thank you to those who completed our online know your customer assessment - we appreciate your support in helping us stay in compliance.

Annual Know Your Customer Assessment

A short online assessment to verify your company's information will be mandatory each year as part of audit compliance requirements. A notice will be emailed once your company is due to complete the assessment – either the anniversary from when you started processing with InterceptEFT or the anniversary date of your last completed assessment. It's simply a few questions you will see once you log in.

The upcoming NACHA Rule (Third Party Sender Registration) requires InterceptEFT to have the most current information and register our third party sender customers. Please notify InterceptEFT of any changes to your company's information including ownership, tax ID or address changes. Thank you for your cooperation!

Same Day ACH – Debit Transactions are Eligible September 15th

This NACHA Rule makes nearly all ACH transactions eligible for same day processing – including debit transactions.

  • Cut-off time: 11:00am CT
  • Same Day Addendum must be on file
  • Excludes International (IAT) and high-value transactions over $25,000

Please read the Same DAY ACH Fact Sheet.

Pay key on keyboard 

Add a Pay-Now Button to Your Website

InterceptEFT will design and build a custom payment portal to allow you to accept payments via your website. Get started!


Be cautious of emails looking to be from DocuSign

We wanted you to be aware that DocuSign (a vendor InterceptEFT uses for e-Contracts) was previously the victim of a malware phishing attack in which customer email addresses were compromised. It appears some of our customers are getting phishing emails again so we wanted to remind you to be cautious about opening emails. If it looks suspicious, don't click on the link.

Legitimate emails from DocuSign and InterceptEFT will be from and it should be something you're expecting. If you are not expecting any documents, do not click on the link.

What to look out for:

  • Misspellings
  • A DocuSign that you weren't expecting
  • An attachment. DocuSign only sends attachments after all parties have signed.
  • Click here to learn more

Rest assured that your information at InterceptEFT remains safe and secure. This only affects you if you have previously used DocuSign to add clients.

Columbus Day is Monday, October 9th, 2017.

Memorial Day  Because Federal Reserve Banks and InterceptEFT will both be closed, ACH transactions cannot be dated for October 9th. Columbus Day is a non-processing holiday. To avoid additional charges/penalties, please allow an extra day for processing.

Are you looking at new software?

InterceptEFT is able to process for most payroll and accounting software platforms. Make sure to speak with our Sales Department if you are looking to change your processing software, and we will help make the transition as easy as possible!

Lock Down Your Login

The National Cyber Security Alliance is encouraging consumers to "lock down your login" and focus on ways to make your online accounts safer. One tip is two-factor authentication which simply means something you know (password) AND something you have (security card).

Logging into the InterceptEFT website, the something you have is your Multi-Factor Authentication card. This card helps to ensure the safety and security of the information available on InterceptEFT's website. For more information and tips to make your online accounts safer, please visit