As a valued customer, we want to keep you informed and let you know that InterceptEFT is involved in litigation with a government agency concerning a small number of former customers which we no longer do business with. The lawsuit has not had any effect on our day-to-day processing and our operations continue to be business as usual.

Please read the statement from our owners.

What you need to know about Same Day ACH transactions

Same-day ACH transactions begin September 23rd, 2016 with credit-only transactions. In order to pre-fund and protect all parties involved, a wire is required for same day transactions. The file and wire transfer need to be received by InterceptEFT before 11:00 a.m. Central Time.

Before processing Same Day transactions, a one-page Addendum will also need to be signed. Please contact a member of our Support Department to get the Addendum.

Questions? View our FAQ or contact a Support Representative at (866) 431-9925.

Do you have a security policy in place?

  Every company handling sensitive customer information should have a data security policy and procedures to protect confidential information.

Due to your involvement with confidential account information and other information considered protected, your company is required to have a security policy. If you need assistance establishing a policy, please visit the Better Business Bureau website.

Pay key on keyboard 

Add a Pay-Now Button to Your Website

InterceptEFT will design and build a custom payment portal to allow you to accept payments via your website. Get started!


Payroll Fraud Continues to Rise

The industry has seen an increase in payroll fraud. It's important for you to be on alert. As the processor, it is your responsibility to cover any potential losses so it's important to be diligent and know your customer.

Red Flags:

 Fraud warning
  • Employee accounts are PAYCARDS
  • Hurried set-up requested by new payroll customer
  • Communication only via email from payroll customer or communication that seems abnormal
  • Customer and its employees are in geographically diverse locations
  • And more...

Be diligent about protecting your business by knowing your customer! To learn more and to find solutions click here.

*Employee Spotlight*

Deb Swanson Dilly  Deb Swanson-Dilly - Receptionist

Deb has been at InterceptEFT for 12 years as the cheerful voice that answers the phone. Her main duties include directing customer calls, processing mail, and ordering office supplies. Deb's favorite part about working at InterceptEFT is speaking with customers. She says the key to successfully performing one's job is to try and see things from the client's perspective.
Deb and her husband Glen live in Fargo with their Husky Molly. Deb enjoys spending time with her son Brandon, walking, biking and reading. She also enjoys cleaning – I dare you to find a speck of dust in her house!