Updated Agreements and Forms for Payroll Processors

Some of our agreements and forms have been updated including the Company Authorization Agreement and Authorized Individuals Form. As of March 1, 2015, previous versions of these documents will no longer be accepted. After this time, if an outdated or incomplete document is submitted, the contract will be pended and batches will not be processed until current and complete paperwork is received. Your assistance will help avoid processing delays and ensure timely processing of your ACH files.

Please assist InterceptEFT in complying with regulatory requirements by using the most current version, and completely filling out documents before submitting to InterceptEFT. The most current versions of our agreements are always available by logging into our website.

You do not need to re-send any agreements for your existing clients; these changes will only affect any future contract submissions.


President's Day is Monday, February 16th

Presidents Day is a non-processing holiday as the Federal Reserve Banks and InterceptEFT will be closed. ACH transactions cannot be dated for February 16th. To avoid additional charges/penalties, please allow an extra day for processing.


Payroll Fraud is on the Rise

The industry has seen a number of instances of potential fraud recently, and would like to remind everyone to be on alert. As the processor, it is your responsibility to cover the lost funds so it's important to be diligent and know your customer. To help identify possible fraud, we have compiled a list of "red flags," which may be indicative of payroll fraud:

Red Flags:
  • Employee accounts are PAYCARDS
  • Hurried set-up requested by new payroll customer
  • Communication only via email from payroll customer or communication that seems abnormal
  • Customer and its employees are in geographically diverse locations
  • And more...

Be diligent about protecting your business by knowing your customer! To learn more and to find solutions click here.

New & Improved Text Alerts!

Utilize InterceptEFT's new Text Messaging Service for your business and provide your customers the information they need and expect.
text on cell phone   Affordably priced, alerts can be sent based on the following activity:
  • Corporate NSF Return
  • Wire Drawdown Received
  • Debit & Deposit Notification (Corporate/employee/consumer)

Contact us today to get started!

Upcoming Nacha Rule Changes

InterceptEFT wants you to be aware of an upcoming Nacha Rule change regarding return rate thresholds. Effective September 18th, 2015, new rules will be in place to further improve ACH network quality by reducing the incidence of returned entries. As we learn more about how this change will impact our customers, we will communicate with you. To learn more, click here.

Thank you to our wonderful customers!

InterceptEFT has had a busy start to 2015 with a few new record breaking events. The number of new processor set-ups was an all-time high. Also, on January 29th, we set a new record number of transactions processed on a single day. From all of us at InterceptEFT, we want to say Thank You for your continued business! We couldn't do it without great customers like you!