Clarity Services, InterceptEFT® Announce Partnership for Clear Bank™ Reporting Service

Fargo, ND (May 25, 2011) - Clarity Services, Inc., a real-time credit services bureau, announced today it has selected InterceptEFT to provide account history data for Clarity's Clear Bank™ and Clear Bank Profile™ reporting services offered to the financial services industry.

With this partnership, InterceptEFT will deliver critical decision-making information about a specific bank account such as NSFs, closed accounts, frozen accounts and related data. The data offers Clear Bank™ users a more detailed review of consumers' banking behavior, history and reliability.

Clear Bank ™and the Clear Bank Profile™ module also report known bank accounts, status information, behavior codes and related information to help banks and lenders more accurately evaluate applicants.

"InterceptEFT will greatly enhance the services available with Clear Bank™ and Clear Bank Profile™," said Tim Ranney, President of Clarity Services. "Banks and lenders need to have a full picture of an applicant's banking history, and the InterceptEFT data will help them analyze, predict and make informed lending decisions."

Bryan Smith, President of InterceptEFT, said the company is excited to bring its reporting expertise to Clear Bank™. "InterceptEFT provides a full range of electronic payment services, and this is another example of how our streamlined and reliable options can be integrated with a company's existing services," Smith added.

About Clarity Services

Clarity Services, Inc. is a Consumer Reporting Agency that provides information to lenders and develops efficient and effective data reporting products to help businesses reduce high-risk lending.

Clarity focuses on data reporting for under-banked and near prime consumers. Because under-banked and near prime consumers have minimal recorded data, assessing their creditworthiness proves to be a challenge for lending institutions. Clarity's products enables a business to know more about these consumers and assists in the decision making process. For more information, visit

About InterceptEFT

InterceptEFT is a national leader in payment-processing services and software. Since its inception in 1993, InterceptEFT has been one of the fastest growing, technologically advanced, and widely recognized third party electronic transaction providers in the industry. InterceptEFT offers a wide-range of transaction solutions, including ACH, credit card processing, ACH/check verification, along with the development of ACH Origination software. InterceptEFT gives companies the tools they need to streamline financial transactions so they can accomplishmore and stressless. For more information, visit