Multiband, InterceptEFT® Announce Partnership for Customer Payment Processing

Fargo, ND (March 01, 2011) - Multiband Corporation announced today it has selected InterceptEFT to provide processing services for customer payments nationally.

Under the agreement, InterceptEFT will collect and process electronic payments for over 40,000 Multiband partners and subscribers across the United States.

As part of a strategic partnership, Multiband is DIRECTV's largest master system operator in multiple dwelling units, and also services 20 percent of all DIRECTV's single-family households.

"InterceptEFT will provide a vital, convenient credit card and ACH payment system for our customers," said Dave Ekman, Chief Information Officer for Multiband. "InterceptEFT helped design an integrated solution with our billing software that was fast, stable, secure and PCI compliant."

Bryan Smith, President of InterceptEFT, said the agreement is a significant partnership for InterceptEFT. "We're excited to bring our expertise in streamlined, reliable and secure payment services to Multiband and its customers," Smith added.

About Multiband

Multiband Corporation is a public, NASDAQ-listed company (MBND). Multiband is the largest nationwide DIRECTV master system operator in the Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) market and one of the largest full-service home service providers (HSPs), handling approximately 20 percent of all DIRECTV's installations, maintenance and upgrades for residents of single-family homes. Multiband is a full-service provider for a number of other partners within the footprint as well, offering solutions for video, telephone, internet and security. Additionally, Multiband is a leading provider of software, call center and integrated billing services to MDUs on a single bill; both directly and through strategic partnerships. Multiband is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and has offices strategically placed around the continental United States. For more information, visit

About InterceptEFT

InterceptEFT is a national leader in payment-processing services and software. Since its inception in 1993, InterceptEFT has been one of the fastest growing, technologically advanced, and widely recognized third party electronic transaction providers in the industry. InterceptEFT offers a wide-range of transaction solutions, including ACH, credit card processing, ACH/check verification, along with the development of ACH Origination software. InterceptEFT gives companies the tools they need to streamline financial transactions so they can accomplishmore and stressless. For more information, visit