InterceptEFT® celebrates Earth Day

Fargo, ND (April 22, 2009) - InterceptEFT observed Earth Day on April 22, 2009. InterceptEFT made a commitment to be more environmentally friendly when they launched their Go Green initiative in July 2008. InterceptEFT now celebrates Earth Day to continue to educate employees about environmentally friendly strategies, and to continue to review and enhance company policy.

"Earth Day is the perfect opportunity for our organization to revisit our corporate policies, and to launch new initiatives," says Bryan Smith, President and Co-Founder of InterceptEFT. "InterceptEFT is committed to making new changes each year to positively impact our environment and our world."

The Go Green initiative started in 2008, and InterceptEFT has already made changes to become a greener company such as offering online customer reports and invoices, imaging all documents to eliminate paper files, adding live plants to the entire office, purchasing recycled paper and products, and offering glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum recycling bins in their offices.

The Earth Day awareness celebration this year educated and engaged InterceptEFT staff members. Employees were able to participate in "green" trivia questions throughout the week along with receiving a "climate kit" filled with locally purchased organic and environmentally friendly cleaners and household products. InterceptEFT employees also were able to create their personal environmental pledge for the year, to pick up trash around the area, and to plant some trees in the yard outside the offices as part of the Earth Day awareness.

InterceptEFT will continue to make positive corporate changes such as using non-chemical based cleaners and posting "green" facts around the office. "Every small change makes a difference. Since January, we have saved 184.8 pounds of paper, and by the end of the year we will have saved 739 pounds of paper just by eliminating paper statements," Smith says. "Every change starts with just a few small steps."

About InterceptEFT

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