InterceptEFT® Partners With Onsharp to Offer Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Fargo, ND (March, 2009) - InterceptEFT, a national leader in payment-processing services and software, has partnered with Onsharp to offer Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) services.

Onsharp's SmartPay system helps companies easily create and send their monthly statements through e-mail. Using data from the company's back-end accounting system, SmartPay helps customers securely pay the invoice directly from e-mail or by accessing an online portal. Customers can also review payment history, schedule payments, update account information and change personal information. The e-mails and online portal can be customized with the company's logo and colors.

"Onsharp is an ideal strategic partner for InterceptEFT," said Ryan Conley, InterceptEFT's Director of Card Services. "Our customers have asked for additional accounts receivable and electronic payment services. With the SmartPay Solution we co-developed with Onsharp, we are able to offer the security and flexibility we set out to provide."

Conley added that more businesses want to reduce the volume of their paper-based statements, and EBPP is an excellent way to provide "green" payment options. "More importantly," said Conley, "in today's economy businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase cash flow. SmartPay does both."

"SmartPay helps companies save paper, printing, envelope and postage costs," said Joe Sandin, President at Onsharp. "With a single click, customers can pay their invoice directly or use the online portal. Companies see improved cash flow by receiving customer payments much faster compared to paper billing."

The SmartPay Solution also allows companies to make phone-based payments on behalf of customers who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with online payments. Phone, chat and e-mail support is free to customers. For more information, please visit the official SmartPay website at

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