InterceptEFT® Teams-up with Drake Software

Fargo, ND (August, 2008) - InterceptEFT and Drake Software have arranged to provide direct deposit of payroll through Drake's Client Write-Up program. This allows Drake Software to provide greater processing capabilities to their customers.

"This is a significant opportunity," says Bryan Smith, President and Co-Founder of InterceptEFT. "Drake customers will be able to benefit from our expertise in direct deposit, and the seamless integration will not only save them time and money, but give them a selling advantage over competitors that do not offer this technology."

Drake Software, in Franklin, NC, is a leading provider of income tax and accounting software to over 26,000 tax professionals nationwide. In 2007, Drake transmitted over 7 million federal accepted returns and 6 million state accepted returns. InterceptEFT, headquartered in Fargo, ND, a national leader in payment-processing services and software, serves more than 44,000 business customers nationwide.

According to Drake Software's vice president of sales and marketing, John Sapp, "Our new relationship with InterceptEFT provides our customers more opportunities to grow their practices. This is one of our highest priorities, so offering Drake clients direct deposit capabilities through our Client Write-Up program was an easy decision to make."

Smith is enthusiastic about each company's commitment to advanced technologies that will allow their customers to further compete in today's ever changing business climate. "InterceptEFT and Drake Software continue to discover ways to provide exceptional service," he says. "It's exciting to unveil an integrated product that can take businesses to a higher level."

About InterceptEFT

InterceptEFT is a national leader in payment-processing services and software. Since its inception in 1993, InterceptEFT has been one of the fastest growing, technologically advanced, and widely recognized third party electronic transaction providers in the industry. InterceptEFT offers a wide-range of solutions, including ACH processing, credit card processing, check conversion/guarantee, ACH/check verification, remote deposit, and image processing. InterceptEFT gives companies the tools they need to streamline financial transactions so they can accomplishmore and stressless. For more information, visit

About Drake Software

Headquartered in scenic Franklin, North Carolina, Drake Software is a rapidly growing professional tax preparation software company with over 26,000 customers. Since 1977, Drake has provided tax preparers with fast, reliable software to prepare and file both federal and state tax returns. Using product evaluations, feedback from customers, and state-of-the-art programming, Drake continues to achieve its goals of customer satisfaction and product refinement. For more information, visit