InterceptEFT® Goes Green

Fargo, ND (July 14, 2008) - InterceptEFT has launched a Go Green initiative. The Go Green project includes environmentally friendly changes benefitting employees, customers, and InterceptEFT's office. These changes will ultimately impact InterceptEFT customers - ranging from small businesses to large organizations - in all 50 states.

"This is a positive change not only for our employees and customers, but for the world," says Bryan Smith, President and Co-Founder of InterceptEFT. "According to estimates, if we convert just 80% of our customers to paperless billing, we'll save 403 pounds of paper, 130 gallons of gasoline, and our company will prevent 7,192 pounds of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere."

The InterceptEFT Go Green initiative first challenges customers to sign up for paperless billing. InterceptEFT will plant a tree in honor of every customer who signs up for paperless billing. On July 17th, InterceptEFT will also add a Go Green section to their website where customers have access to a consumer calculator to help them calculate how much they can conserve and a link to a quiz demonstrating their carbon footprint.

Smith is enthusiastic about the company's commitment to making a difference. "InterceptEFT continues to discover ways to become a better business," he says. "It's exciting to unveil a program benefitting both customers and employees."

The InterceptEFT employees will learn more about going green at the InterceptEFT Go Green kickoff on Thursday, July 17. InterceptEFT partnered with Hornbacher's to offer each employee a large reusable shopping bag full of organic food items as part of the kickoff. InterceptEFT is planning the following for the July 17th kickoff:
  • Hourly trivia questions will challenge knowledge of "green" facts, and winners will receive environmentally friendly items.
  • Trudy Wanner from Cass County Electric will give employees a presentation about conserving energy at home and at work.
  • Mary Aldrich from MinnKota Recycling will discuss the importance of recycling during her presentation.
  • Employees will calculate their carbon footprints and set goals to improve for the coming year.
  • InterceptEFT will launch a "Go Green" employee contest, and a contest for the children of employees, as well.
  • The Reuse-a-Shoe event will encourage employees to recycle tennis shoes.
  • The Departmental Challenge will encourage each department to work together to come up with the best "Green" initiatives to make their department more environmentally friendly.
InterceptEFT has already made changes to become a greener company such as online customer reports and imaging all documents to eliminate paper files. InterceptEFT recently worked with Cass County Electric to do an energy review and MinnKota to do a waste audit to learn more about current processes, and to discuss improvements for the future. Upcoming initiatives involve adding live plants to the entire office, purchasing 100% recycled paper and products, replacing older large monitors with energy efficient flat screen monitors, and offering glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum recycling bins.

"Education is powerful, and we hope by educating our employees and customers, InterceptEFT will be able to encourage others to make decisions to benefit our world," Smith says. "Every change starts with just a few small steps."

About InterceptEFT

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