ChamberChoice award winners announced

FARGO MOORHEAD - The Chamber of Commerce of Fargo Moorhead has named InterceptEFT the 2008 Business of the Year, Harmon Glass Doctor the 2008 Small Business of the Year and YWCA Cass Clay the 2008 Not-for-Profit of the Year.

ChamberChoice award pic
From Left to Right: Israel Hernandez (Assistant Secretary for Trade Promotion and Director General of the U.S. And Foreign Commercial Service), David K. Martin (President and CEO of The Chamber of Commerce of Fargo Moorhead), Christy Stock (Chief Operations Officer - InterceptEFT), John Hoeven (North Dakota Governor), Craig Dresser (Chief Executive Officer - InterceptEFT), Margaret Tungseth (Chair of the Board of Directors of The Chamber of Commerce of Fargo Moorhead), Bryan Smith (President - InterceptEFT), Renee Bourdeaux (Events Coordinator - InterceptEFT), Chad Schornack (Chief Information Officer - InterceptEFT), Ember Verkuehlen (Office Manager - InterceptEFT), Jim Haug (National Sales Manager - InterceptEFT)
The announcement was made at the Chamber's Annual Awards Luncheon, held on Wednesday, May 21 at the Holiday Inn of Fargo. More than 400 people were in attendance at the event, which honors the vigorous entrepreneurial spirit and important contributions made by businesses in the Fargo Moorhead metropolitan area.

The event also honored the six other ChamberChoice award finalists, including Flint Communications, Inc. and General Equipment & Supplies, Inc. in the Business of the Year category, InterOffice and Milestones Photography in the Small Business of the Year category, and Oak Grove Lutheran School and Trollwood Performing Arts School in the Not-for-Profit of the Year category.

The ChamberChoice Award recipients were chosen from over 60 nominated businesses. Selections were made by a panel of independent judges from the Fargo Moorhead business community, who evaluated accomplishments in the areas of business growth, innovation, creativity, community involvement and unique achievements related to a specific business or industry. Names of the nine firms to receive ChamberChoice Awards were announced at a March reception. The award recipients in each category were then finalists in the competition to be named the number-one, top-ranked business within that category.

The Chamber also honored Bill Marcil with its first ever Legacy Leader Award for his important role in and contribution to shaping and serving the Chamber, the metropolitan community and region. Other award winners included:
  • Summers Manufacturing Company, Inc., North Dakota Trade Office's Exporter of the Year
  • Christopher Mohs, Small Business Administration's Journalist of the Year
  • Shawn Dobberstein, recipient of the North Dakota Chamber's Community Leadership Award

InterceptEFT 2008

ChamberChoice Business of the Year

InterceptEFT is a privately held, third party provider of electronic transactions delivering quality products and services to more than 36,000 corporate clients across the United States. Employing a staff with decades of banking and transaction experience, InterceptEFT quickly solves issues, mitigates risk and keeps up with the ever-changing rules and regulations associated with the banking industry for clients in each of the 50 states.

For more information, visit

Harmon Glass Doctor

2008 ChamberChoice Small Business of the Year

Harmon Glass Doctor is an award-winning local franchisee of Glass Doctor®, one of the largest and fastest growing glass repair and replacement companies in the world. Owner and manager Marv Degerness has locations in Fargo, Moorhead and Grand Forks. Degerness credits Harmon's success to his strong belief that good people, when treated with respect and given a chance, will come together as a unit and accomplish much more than any individual could do on his or her own.

For more information, visit or contact Marv Degerness at 701.306.8034.

YWCA Cass Clay

2008 ChamberChoice Not-for-Profit of the Year

For more than 100 years, YWCA Cass Clay has provided women and children in the Fargo Moorhead community with educational and leadership opportunities, support and encouragement, as well as safe and affordable housing. YWCA programs include an emergency shelter, children's services, education and employment, transitional housing, childcare center, TechGYRLs and community dialogues on racial justice.

For more information, visit or contact Erin Prochnow at 701.232.2547.

Electronic photos are available by contacting Jodi Buresh at 218.359.0515.

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