Streamline Direct Deposit with Kotapay and your Criterion HCM Software

Who is Kotapay?

Kotapay is a leading provider of ACH payment solutions. Kotapay is owned by and is a division of a bank, First International Bank & Trust is a high performing, regulated bank with $3 billion in assets.

Behind the scenes of an electronic transaction, multiple financial institutions, including the Federal Reserve Banks and Nacha (the National Automated Clearing House Association), form a complex network to ensure the safe and accurate movement of funds. This process is made seamless with Kotapay, who manages the transactions, communicates through the ACH Network and ensures your money and your customers’ money reaches its intended destination accurately and timely.

  • Over 27 years of experience processing ACH transactions
  • Serve over 100,000 customers nationwide and processes more than 48 million transactions annually
  • Founded and based in Fargo, North Dakota

What are the benefits of working with Kotapay?

Kotapay is the preferred ACH processor for Criterion HCM users, providing integrated payroll direct deposit. This seamless integration will allow direct deposit files to be uploaded directly from your software and eliminates the need to upload at multiple financial institutions. Other advantages of working with Kotapay include:

  • As a division of a bank, Kotapay offers more peace of mind for customers.
  • Late cut-off times. Kotapay provides free customer support and processes files until 10:00pm CT
  • Experienced and knowledgeable ACH staff along with a dedicated fraud analytics team to monitor transactions.
  • Multiple processing window options including next day and same day processing