Solutions for Payroll Providers

Streamline your payroll process. Save time and costs.

More than 60,000 corporate clients process payroll and other transactions with Kotapay. Convenient for employees and cost-effective for employers, direct deposit uses ACH to transfer funds into an employee's bank account.

Use Kotapay for:
  • Payroll, 1099, commission and bonus payments
  • Child support payments
  • Expense reimbursements
  • Tax impounding and tax payments
  • Annuities, dividend/interest payments and pensions
  • Corporate-to-corporate and vendor payments
  • Receivables collection

Secure: Complete transactions securely; we continually monitor network and risk issues.
Efficient: Save reconciliation, escheatment and processing time while streamlining payroll and tax reporting.
Convenient: Process transactions outside of business hours - even on Sunday.