Solutions for Non-Profits

Make it easy for individuals and businesses to give gifts and donations. Electronic payment solutions from Kotapay provide new giving options for your organization.

non profit

Automate Recurring Donations

Help supporters automate their charitable contributions. Set up one-time or ongoing payments. Direct payment solutions from Kotapay provide fast, reliable transactions between a supporter's bank account and your organization.

Offer Debit Card/Credit Card Options

Give contributors the debit or credit card payment options they expect. Use a hassle-free credit card processing solution to meet those expectations.

Kotapay offers flexible credit card processing options, easy processing and competitive rates.

Offer an Online Payment Portal

Add online convenience for supporters. Bring hassle-free revenue to your organization. Kotapay provides the API documentation to update your website to accept payments. Users can submit payments using pre-authorized debits or ACH from their checking accounts as well as any major credit card.

Convert Checks Electronically

Give supporters the option to pay by check. Enjoy the benefits of processing payments electronically. With check conversion, you'll electronically convert contributors' check payments and process them with ACH. A check imaging machine stores the check image and converts it to an electronic payment using the ACH system.

Focused: Meet the needs of supporters who expect card-payment alternatives.
Flexible: Set up one-time or recurring transactions.
Easy: Enter transactions online without additional software.

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