Solutions for CPA Firms

Kotapay offers your firm a variety of options to move funds electronically, improve your cash flow, automate your receivables and streamline reporting. We help you discover the benefits of electronic transactions while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.

Offer Convenient Payroll and Other Employee Payments

Direct deposit - used for processing payroll and other employee payments - is convenient for employees and cost-effective for employers.

Companies typically save up to $1 per payment by using Direct Deposit instead of paper checks. Reconciliation, research, reporting and processing are faster. Payroll and tax processing become more streamlined, less paper-based and leave behind an electronic trail. Questions and issues are more easily identified and resolved.

Expand Your Electronic Transfer Capabilities

Electronic transfers offer many benefits beyond payroll. Improve your receivables management and gain efficiency each day:

  • Billing Impound: Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of processing and handling cash or check payments.
  • Tax Impound: Enjoy efficient, convenient collection of your clients' tax liabilities. Funds are collected from the client and moved into your firm's account.
  • Tax Payments: Handle your clients' tax liabilities by collecting funds and depositing them directly into the taxing authority's account.
  • Vendor Payments: Offer clients a convenient payment option for their vendor obligations by depositing them directly into the vendor's account.
  • Net Pay: Collect your clients' net check amount for payroll so you can issue written checks to employees on pay date.
  • Merchant Services: Process credit card transactions, payroll cards, gift/loyalty cards and corporate purchasing cards; Web-based software options are available.
  • Child Support Payments: Allow clients to process child support payments for their customers.
  • Payroll Cards: Deposit employee payroll on a debit card.

Offer Debit/Credit Card Payment Options

Give clients the debit or credit card payment options they expect. Use a hassle-free credit card processing solution to meet those opportunities.

Kotapay offers multiple payment options including online, POS terminals and mobile solutions. Make accepting credit cards easy by utilizing our Payment Portal, KotaConnect®. Kotapay offers flexible credit card processing options, easy processing and competitive rates.

Have clients who want to offer Credit Cards? Talk with a Kotapay Sales Representative about our referral program.

Integrated: Submit files from nearly any accounting software, or use our easy online file creation system.
Detailed: Review advanced reports in multiple formats for easy reconciliation.
Secure: Rely on the safest and most secure means for moving money electronically.

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