Frequently asked questions regarding IAT and Kotapay Software

Will ACH Bind be able to process IAT files?

Yes ACH Bind will be able to process IAT Files. Customers who use an origination program with the ability to create an IAT file can send the file to you. You can load the file into ACH Bind.

Will I need anything else to process IAT files?

In order to have ACH Bind process and check IAT transactions against OFAC you will need to purchase our OFAC subscription. Once purchased, you will be assigned an OFAC key from Kotapay which will need to be renewed yearly. This will allow you to check incoming files against OFAC. The yearly fee for the OFAC subscription is $400.00

Do I have to purchase the OFAC subscription from Kotapay?

The OFAC subscription from Kotapay is optional. If not purchased the files loaded in ACH Bind will not be checked against OFAC however ACH Bind can still process them. To be compliant you will need another way to check these files against OFAC.

Can I originate an IAT transaction?

ACH Bind can only process files with the IAT sec code. ACH for the PC (our origination software) will not create an IAT ACH file. Your customer will have to have an origination program that has the ability to create an ACH file with the IAT sec code.

What if I get a returned IAT transaction?

If you have purchased our Returns and Receiving module for ACH Bind, you will be able to process IAT returns you get from the Federal Reserve. If you do not have the Returns and Receiving module you will not be able to process these returns through ACH Bind.