Getting started with Kotapay

An American EFT Preferred Partner for ACH Services

Take advantage of Kotapay's partnership with American EFT to make processing transactions faster and easier. Whether you have a few clients or hundreds of clients, Kotapay is here to ensure the funds reach their intended destination safely, securely, and cost effectively.

Direct Deposit for Your Clients

Please contact Barbara Ohlson at (866) 263-7338 and follow these steps.

  1. Complete the ACH Application   and submit all required attachments listed on page 3.
  2. Complete the Processor Agreement.  
  3. Complete the Authorized Individuals Form.  

Send all above documents to Barbara via mail, fax or secure email by contacting a Kotapay Sales Representative.

Once you have been approved to process, follow these steps.

  1. Company Authorization Agreement   (signed by you and your customer).
  2. Authorization for Debit or Credit   (keep for your files, do not send to Kotapay).

Upload the first 3 documents to Kotapay's website or fax to (701) 499-5340.

If you have any questions about the application process or about direct deposit, please contact us at (866) 431-9926 or contact Barbara online.